Our Advantages

For Audio Visual Market (Producers and Distributors)

Best exploitation of secondary rights

Your secondary rights are often poorly exercised and that’s quite normal: You have other priorities!
This is why Multi Communication offers to exploit those rights in the most appropriate and targeted way!

New opportunities for using content

Multi Communication has developed an action concept in order to create new opportunities for using your content, with a unique business model that you can take advantage of!

Additional financial income

There’s a good reason why one of our most faithful partners named us « Mister Cherry-on-the-cake »! Once you’ve operated the most profitable distribution channels on your own, Multi Communication brings you even more additional income!
Of course, you baked the cake and we are only the cherry… But sometimes even just a simple « cherry » can turn into an entire beautiful « jar of cherries »!!!

Limited assignment of rights

We are very flexible and not very restrictive in terms of assigning rights.
In general, Multi Communication requires a simple exclusivity with regard to the kind of actions for which your content will be used. We make sure that you do not assign rights to third parties who wish to organize similar actions. We also want to guarantee exclusivity for the renewal of our actions in the coming years and a priority to implement our actions in other territories.

Temporary assignment of rights

The actions organized by Multi Communication are highly targeted and limited in time.
Depending on the project’s content and proceedings, we adapt the window for using the content to the maximum.

National and international projects

Our experience shows that an action that works in one territory is likely to work well in other territories. By highlighting the results of the initial action, new actions are easier and quicker to implement.
Even more cherries for that nice jar!


Multi Communication perfectly controls the broadcasting of your content!
And of course, your content is only broadcasted in the territories for which it was purchased.

Large flexibility

Multi Communication’s action process offers great flexibility!
We can adapt precisely to the most demanding expectations and offer customized solutions for each partner.

Using our VOD4US platform

Multi Communication has developed a special and powerful tool to help organize these activities: VOD4US

VOD4US’ many features include:

  • Provide the best possible user experience
  • Create added value
  • Optimize the impact for the different partners involved in an action
  • Highlight the quality and relevance of your content
  • Present new alternatives to generate even more complementary revenues


Multi Communication turns 30 in 2018!
Thirty years of cross-business, including more than 10 years of collaboration with leading names in the audiovisual industry!

We know the recipe for success: We’ve tested it for you.

Do you want your slice of the cake?

Out-of-the-box solution!

Focus on optimizing the marketing of « primary » rights!
Our priority is to exploit your « secondary » rights.

We are very pro-active for our partners and customers, constantly looking for video content in different formats and intended for different targets!

Which is why we look forward to you discovering your catalog!


If you have great content ….